Individual Campaign Contributions During 2012 Campaign

Individual Corporate Contributions During 2012 Presidential Campaign from Luis Daniel on Vimeo.

During the 2013 Bicoastal Datafest at Columbia University, my team decided to look into individual campaign contributions during the presidential campaign and see if there was any relation to stock price changes the day after election. Most of our time was spent wrangling data since the information we needed was located in different data sets. It took us a long time to match corporation names between datasets (and matching parent+child companies). We used R, Python, Excel, and Google Refine to sort through the data. Once we had share price changes and campaign contributions, we used Processing to put together this interactive to visualize our results. The corporations listed are all the Fortune 500 companies organized by sector (finance, technology, etc.). The bars go up or down depending on the stock price change between election day and the day after. Blue bars are companies where individuals contributed to the Obama campaign, whereas red bars are companies where individuals contributed to the Republican campaign. Purple bars are a combination of both parties. Because I used the saveFrame() function and MovieMaker tool to record the video, you cannot see the mouse pointer hovering over the company names to display the information in the middle of the screen (they're not just magically appearing, I'm hovering my mouse over the company names). The aim of our project was to also show PAC contributions from the companies but since hackathons are time-sensitive, we were not able to clean the data sufficiently to include in our visual. Data and code for the Processing sketch can be found here.